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The Brief

To distribute 500,000 samples of Coke Zero into the hands of students across the UK using multiple channels including Student Accommodation, distribution through SU’s and onsite activations at Freshers Fairs


How we delivered

The Crowd Agency worked closely with Pencil Media to ensure that the execution of the campaign was accurate, on time and of a high quality.


First off we used our extensive network of accommodation providers and Students unions to arrange the distribution of ambient samples to their students. We then used our nationwide distribution network to move hundreds of thousands of samples around the U.K so they were ready to go directly to students.


Alongside this approach we attended 40 Freshers Fairs with our professional promotional team to hand chilled samples directly into the hands of students.


The Results

Finding samples in the fridges at your accommodation, at your students union or at your Freshers fairs… If you were a Fresher in 2022 the likelihood is you would have had your sample!

Coke Zero Student Campaign
Coke Zero Student Campaign
Coke Zero Student Campaign
Coke Zero Student Campaign
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