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Welcome to Freshers 2021

Updated: Apr 7

Although it’s important to reflect on what has been, at Crowd we think it’s just as important to look forward.

The last 12 months have been something that we have all had to collectively endure. Therefore it has been truly exciting talking to our students’ union partners over the past few months about how campuses are going to adapt and regrow from Freshers 2021 onwards!

Students’ Unions offer brands and agencies a unique and unprecedented access to the student market and are a vital part of our network at the Crowd Agency. Over the past year they have proved on a number of our campaigns that they deliver resounding results through their digital channels, and now with the Roadmap in place we are headlong into Freshers planning with them.

We have clear indications from across the UK that Freshers Fairs will be back to the way we know and love them. There may however be some adaptations to the fairs that we need to keep an eye out for including:

  • Staggered queues with students having allocated slots to enter the Freshers Fair

  • Longer event running times to allow for staggered footfall

  • More outside space available

  • Less stands available within the fair to allow more room

As with all industries there is of course an element of keeping everything crossed whilst we work our way along the roadmap BUT the Students Unions are ready, our research shows the students are ready and we are now helping our clients get ready for the most important Freshers season yet.

We have collated confirmed Freshers details from the majority of our key Students’ Union partners. If you want to find out more about the plans this year including dates, schedules, costs and logistics drop us a line.

It’s good to be back!

Get in touch if you would like to know more from The Crowd

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