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The Power of student sampling

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Student Sampling: Getting your product into the hands of students

Whether you are promoting a new product or are an established brand looking to increase your market share and visibility, the power of sampling is still a highly effective part of any student marketing plan. Voxburner found that 88% of uni students head to freshers fair events for the freebies, so we know that sampling continues to be a sure-fire way to connect with students in the places that matter most to them.

It’s not just Freshers week that gives brands the ideal opportunity to get their product samples into the hands of students. As we head into the second half of the academic year there are still plenty of opportunities to engage students with your brand through sampling such as refreshers fairs, student events & via student accommodation. We help the brands that we work with to understand how effective sampling can be for promoting brand awareness and most importantly brands see for themselves the growth of new and loyal customers.

What better way for students to experience what your product has to offer than placing it directly into their hands? This way they can try before they buy and tell other people about it, which is particularly important if your product is fresh on the shelf with no existing word of mouth or recommendations.

We know that university offers the majority of students their first opportunity to fully exercise their independent buying decisions, and offers brands the opportunity to build lifetime loyalty from this group. Team this with the fact that Gen Z are 20% more likely than other generations to try a new product (Pinterest), and it's easy to see that getting product samples in hands is key.

At Crowd, we work closely with over 150 Students’ Unions and have access to over 250,000 student accommodation rooms, uniquely placing us to support brands to create targeted sampling campaigns, getting your products into the hands of students at the heart of university life.

If you would like any more information then get in touch or have a look at one of our previous sampling campaigns

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