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The Outlook for Campus Life 2022/23

Yeah, it's going to be good! Let's face it, the last 2 years have been pretty turbulent for Students and their University experience and the knock on effect has seen student marketing take a bit of a battering for sure! Now the industry is seemingly getting back to normality there are​ a few expected but subtle changes to student habits ​as well as the ebb and flow of campus life.

We​ work closely with ​all of ​our key​ stakeholders and​ SU partners ​so we ​get a​ pretty regular​ view from the ground of what campuses will be looking like in term one of the 2022/23 academic year​. These are the 5 key points that we've taken away:

  1. Learning is going to be weighted more towards on-campus moving forward, but still expect to see students learning remotely.

  2. Students are expected to spend more time in their accommodation as the cost of living sores.

  3. On-Campus Events are expected to be well attended as students look to catch up on the experiences they have missed out on.

  4. The growing consciousness of debt and the expense of university will continue to impact Students who will put further emphasis on the need for employment post study.

  5. With the cost of living sky rocketing and without any significant changes to student loans and income. Expect students to be looking to find ways to earn more cash and be on the hunt for student deals to help make their loans go further - Some things never change!!

Although there is no need for wholesale changes in approach to the market, we feel that this intel provides brands with great opportunities to increase the number of student touchpoints and strengthen their position in the market. If you want to have a conversation with one of the hugely knowledgeable members of the Crowd team or contact us at

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