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There are less than two months to go until the new academic year kicks off, and then Freshers season will truly be upon us. Given the events that have affected us all over the last couple of years, it has never been more important for us as a student marketing specialist to make engaging with students on campus as simple and effective as we can.

We are not going to sugar coat it, we know from past experiences that if you are a brand and you are looking to access students across multiple universities it can be quite a fragmented and time consuming process to navigate. As a student specialist, we have developed our craft and have mastered ways to help brands to take this burden away, enabling them to trust us in every stage of the campaign cycle to create an activation that ticks all the boxes to achieve success.

We know what a valuable platform campuses are for brands to reach students and we have made it our mission to bring them together to create a much better experience for all involved. This is why in partnership with Native (the UK’s largest student event platform), we have created our own managed Students Union partnership network.

The network is a collection of Student Unions that have exclusively provided The Crowd Agency with their on-campus and digital marketing portfolios, which we align with our overall client marketing mix to reduce the time and hassle of planning campus based marketing activity. This allows brands to reduce their workload and give them the comfort of knowing that whatever they are planning to do to target students is being managed by an experienced and safe pair of hands that will deliver the goods - that’s us!

Our network at the time of writing this is now at over 44 Student Unions which covers multiple student cities across the length and breadth of the UK, check out the list HERE. Having this network doesn’t limit our ability to target students, it enhances the level of service we can provide and improves your campaign ROI. We still have the ability to liaise and book campaign activity with any university across the UK and Ireland, we put our clients interests at the forefront of what we do so you can trust that we will steer your campaign in the right direction.

For the SUs that we partner with, the benefit these charitable organisations receive is financial revenue support and the opportunity to work closely with The Crowd Agency and Native to enhance the student brand experience. The channels that we manage include activation spaces, sampling/distribution, email, social media posts, web advertisements and display. If you have a bespoke idea to bring on campus, just talk to us and we will make the discovery process much quicker and hassle-free.

Our network ambitions do not end here, we plan to add more Student Union partners on a continuing basis, so watch this space as we continue to grow!

Are students on your hit list? Need help planning and navigating the best route to achieve your goals? Drop us a message or email us at

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