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post covid reset

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

​Over the past 12 months we’ve all heard some phrases numerous times including “unprecedented”, “Social Distancing” and “you’re on mute”. One phrase that we want to focus on is “getting back to normality.”

Clearly we all want to get back to what life was like when we could see loved ones, go to events and not have embarrassing haircuts. However we also need to reflect on what life was actually like in 2019 before the thought of a national lockdown was even conceivable. There were plenty of challenges and uncertainties that we were facing as a society. Just to mention a few there was the potential impact of Brexit, trolling on Social Media, unrest in the Middle East, North Korea, Wildfires in Australia, the Colleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy saga and the big one - climate change. This isn’t a negative thought, in fact it’s the complete opposite. We at Crowd think as vaccines are rolled out and we re-emerge from a national lockdown we’re presented with a great opportunity to reset and re-evaluate.

Now, being a student marketing agency we understand that we won’t make the same impact as the thousands of charities, non-profits and public sector organisations out there. However we also believe that the private sector has a responsibility in helping with all of the issues above (Ok.. well maybe not the Rooney/Vardy one.) With this in mind a key long term strategy for Crowd will be offering our clients the opportunity to run sustainable and even carbon neutral campaigns. However in the meantime we have 4 key short term focuses that will start us on our journey:

  • Offering eco friendly freebies that still give your brand the wow factor

  • Utilising reusable and recyclable stand concepts

  • Recycling of unused items and clothing

  • Eco Friendly printing and limiting uneeded print

These are only small steps but these are our first steps so watch this space!

As with any campaign each client is different and we’ll find the best solution to meet your needs. To find out more details on the above or how we can help your brand please contact us

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