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Updated: Apr 7

Which social media platforms are favourable with the youth market today? Has this changed as a consequence of the pandemic?

With the numerous national lockdowns that the country had to face over 2020 and 2021, a lot of the population during this time took up a new hobby. From baking to upcycling or gardening to reading, many new skills were learnt throughout this time. However for many others, the majority of their time was spent on their smartphones. This could be keeping in touch with relatives or friends or simply scrolling through their social media for hours of the day.

Despite their age the big four, (Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram) are still dominant and most have the ability to serve targeted adverts and content in a highly focussed manner.

Youtube has been around for a long time and many teens and young adults aspire to follow in the footsteps of Youtubers like Zoe Sugg or Pewdiepie. As mentioned above, the numerous lockdowns have encouraged people to be more creative and although they may be spending a lot more time online, they may be creating content for their online following. This isn’t surprising as ‘YouTube use is growing the fastest amongst Baby Boomers and Gen-X-ers’ [socialfilms.co.uk].

Looking outside of the big four, who's climbing the ranks or falling down? Why is Linkedin less dominant? Is this because this research looks into a wider age group including older teens who may focus on the platform more when they start thinking about careers and their future? Pinterest takes the next ranking below, the reasoning behind this could be because it is seen as a platform more specialised for creatives and not necessarily seen as a social media platform.

It's interesting to note that 82.5% of the population of people between the ages of 26 and 35 use Facebook the most.

So if you are looking to target the youth market and want to get the most of it, be sure to make sure you understand where your message is going to be the best received and understood by your audience. This will ensure your posts get the most reach, highest engagement and overall perform well.

When ‘99% of first year students use at least one social media platform’ [UCAS], Why would you not want to use one of these platforms to reach out and market to students. At Crowd, through students' unions and external commercial suppliers, we have the tools and expertise to ensure your social media marketing targets exactly who you want. Get in contact with us to find out more and to start planning your campaign today.

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