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The Brief

To promote Art Fund’s Student Art Pass to thousands of students during Freshers 2021 with a key focus on sustainability, raising awareness of the brand and giving students an opportunity to visit Galleries and Museums across the country for free or a discounted rate.


How we delivered

Using our extensive knowledge of Universities across the country, The Crowd Agency worked closely with Art Fund to carefully select the most appropriate Students’ Union Freshers Fairs to promote the Student Art Pass and create a targeted Freshers tour across 14 campuses. Crowd managed all of the tour logistics including securing sites on campus, hiring and managing high quality promotional staff and designing a sustainable stand setup, created using recycled/ recyclable materials.

The Results

The campaign proved popular with students who engaged with the brand during the tour and generated thousands of new sign ups, exceeding the targets that Crowd were set by Art Fund. 

Student Art Pass Freshers Campaign
Student Art Pass Freshers Campaign
Student Art Pass Freshers Campaign
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